Work with me

Whether you’re looking to solve a pain point, a tight spot, build strength or need a restorative stretch, we can work together on your specific needs in my home based, fully equipped, Pilates studio.

1:1 Sessions

An equipment Pilates lesson tailored to your specific needs.

You’ll get a self assessment and a tailored plan designed to help

Apart from the Allegro 2 Reformers and Wunda Chair, I also have a variety of props including the OOV, Franklin balls, magic circles, foam rollers, overballs and therabands​.

Purchase sessions for £60 per session

Purchase sessions in blocks of 10 from £55 per session

2:1 Sessions

A fun, dynamic equipment based Pilates session which caters to all levels using a variety of equipment.

Every session is different with the emphasis on mindful movement (and laughter!).

Purchase joint sessions for £35 per person 

Purchase joint sessions in a block of 10 for £32 per person per session

Pre & Post-natal Pilates

As a mother of three children (all delivered differently!) I understand the challenges and needs of mothers, both pre and post natal. These sessions are for mums (maximum of 2) and babies up to crawling age. 

We will focus on

Teen Pilates

Many aches and pains experienced as an adult will be as a direct result of bad postural habits and movement patterns developed as a child.

I set up Next Generation Pilates as a bespoke service designed specifically for teens. The aim is to provide awareness and movement through fun and dynamic age appropriate mat and reformer based Pilates classes (in person and online). These ensure that the growing teen connects the mind and body in order to fully reach their potential, both in the Pilates studio and in their everyday lives.

I offer:

To register your interest in reformer or mat based classes contact me via